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Imagine WW3 is over so lets throw some stones

  1. Apr 16, 2004 #1
    Assume you have two stones with different masses (M_1 > M_2)
    Suppose you throw them one at the time.
    Don’t fool around and be honest while answering this:

    1) If you throw them with equal forces (F_1 = F_2) which stone will achieve greater distance?

    2) If you throw them so that they achieve equal distances (D_1 = D_2) which stone got bigger forces at the moment of throwing?

    3) Which stone in which case got more energy (explain)?

    Now make those two stones throw each other.
    Which of these conditions they must fulfill?
    a) F_1 * D_1 = F_2 * D_2 i.e. Archimedes’s law of lever
    b) F_1 = - F_2 i.e. equal and opposite forces (Newton’s third law)
    c) D_1 = - D_2 i.e. equal and opposite distances (some law yet to come)
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