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Imax 3d vs reald 3d

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    I know I'm not in the right space for thise, nor smart enough to be here, but iplan on seeing Suicide Squad Friday at IMAX. Icant use those red and green glasses they have because I have a azy eye and the don't work compatibly with each other. I just heard of IMAX RelD 3D and was wondering if it would help, if its worth it, or if I should just sit back and watch the movie like a gentleman. Thanks.
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    If I understand what a "lazy eye" is correctly, your brain is ignoring the input from one eye. If so, then I don't think any 3D system would work since they all require that your brain process the input from both eyes to generate a 3D image. I'd save your money and watch a non-3D showing. Of course, you could try it out this once and see how it works for you. Then you'd know for sure.
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    This is correct. My good eye sees about 90% of my vision while my bad eye sees about `10%. Thanks for your response. I'm sure Ill enjoy it in regular imax, anyways.
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    Please do not come here and solicit. Posts deleted and thread closed.
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