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IMG Tags?

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    I am fairly new to these fora. Usually this version of vBulletin supports image tags like these:
    [i][PLAIN]http://www.myimageurl.com/image.jpg[/i] [Broken] [/ img].
    I was just wondering whether they are disabled for a reason? Or is it a technical problem?

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    It's disabled to prevent abuse.

    - Warren
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    Moe, your more than welcome to link or attach the photos your wanting to share
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    If you right click on image and go to properties, the url is listed there and can be copied here. The way these images are linked here are a good way, as they demonstrate the origin of the images. Once clicked on, the images will open in another screen to look at, which then can be closed, without losing post.

    Although I find, that if all pictures have signatures(by right clicking), then we immediately recognize its owner? Is this considered infringement when its author has been recognized? It cannot exist without this address.
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    Thank you for clearing that up. I'll just copy-paste the URL in the future.
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