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Immediate HELP! For any point A(x,y) of a locus

  1. Mar 24, 2005 #1
    For any point of a locus, the sum of the squares of the coordinates is 9 determine the equation of the locus. And draw a diagram.

    I can only think of the obvious x^2+y^2=9 ?

    Can someone plz help me quick!
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    Thats correct.
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    are you sure? What should the diagram look like? I have a circle with a line called r for the radius and a point on the circle labelled P(x,y) and the center (0,0) thats it? What else?
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    Circle of radius 3 centered at the origin, of course.
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    Can you think of any point whos coordinates squared dont lie on that line?

    We can get into a whole bunch of trig to prove it if you'd like :)
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    ok I hope this answer is correct Im going to submit it. OK OK I BELIEVE U THANKS SOO MUCH last assignment question seemed cheezy just wanted to make sure b4 i handed it in thanks soo much
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