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Immortal movies

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    In 50 years time or less.. human can begin to become immortals.. living for average of 10,000 years.. but I wonder what the world will be like if we have immortal Hitlers...

    I ought to see some movies with Immortality themes as I ponder on my own immortality.. what have you seen that is the most memorable..
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    On one of the Dr. Who episodes, either last season or one before: Dr. Who uses some alien technology to save a Viking girl's life. The technology is such that it repairs any cell damage or deterioration. This basically turns her into an immortal. But apparently the human brain has limited storage capacity, and the story has her forgetting a lot of her history, including her name. She starts calling herself "Me". It was interesting.

    One thing that comes to mind when you talk about this: are you talking about humans that cannot die (damage regenerates), or cannot age?
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    I don't know of any movies but there's an amazing short story by Jorge Luis Borges on the theme, called 'The Immortal'. One collection in which it is published in English is the book 'Labyrinths'.

    There is also the Czech play Věc Makropulos by Karel Čapek, from which Janáček made an opera, of which a filmed version is available. I expect there are English versions of the play too. The usual English name is 'The Makropulos Case' of 'The Makropulos Affair'. The British philosopher Bernard Williams wrote a famous and influential essay about it. I have not read the play or seen the opera, although I've read parts of Williams' essay.

    EDIT: oh, and how could I forget - there is a famous movie on this topic - Groundhog Day.
    And I second scottdave's Doctor Who ref. That was a very interesting thread that wove its way through a few successive stories.
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    Oh, and how could I have forgotten about the Highlander movies?
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    Both.. can't die and can't age.. I think half of us here can become recipient of immortality someday soon.. but if you are already 90 years old.. would you want to be immortal in 90 year old body forever.. maybe transferring to another body would be a good idea.

    However, something concerns me. Is there any evidence at all that some aliens in the past improved our genetics so we were able to diverge from other animals and became self aware? Because if we were created as slave race.... remember the warning.. "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live for ever".. let's say someday we improve another planet with slave lifeforms, do we want them to live forever..

    In other words, if we were designed and our alien creators didn't want us to live forever.. then before any of us can become immortals.. we may have to fight an intergalactic war first (or earth sabotaged before we can even go up)?
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