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Immunodetection techniques

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    lo all,first post here,this seems to be a nice forum:)

    i´m trying to know a litle more about Immunodetection,how does it work,witch techniques are applied,etc.
    thanks in advance for any info,responses,links,etc :smile:
    take care
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    Immunodetertion is the use of labeled antibodies for detecting proteins. The antibodies can be labeled with radioactive isotopes or with enzyme/chemicals that combine to specifics chemicals will give a color (colorimetric test) or will fluoresce (fluorescence test).

    As far as the application goes, there is a huge list of it but the most common is the home pregnancy test kit. This is a colorimetric test.

    The more common list of techniques used in research lab are western blots and ELISA.
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    Also included as techniques used are immunocytochemistry/immunohistochemistry and I'm one of the last generation to have learned the dying art of radioimmunoassay (RIA), which many labs are changing over to using ELISA in order to reduce the amount of radioactive materials being used.

    And welcome to PF! :smile:
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