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Impact detection

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    Hello. I'm having the hardest time finding a product (preferably an IC) that can detect shock. Like if you dropped your phone on the ground it would detect an impact with the floor, with some kind of threshold to ignore minor bumps and thumps. I did find some toshiba ICs called "shock detector ICs" but in every datasheet it specified in the schematics that you had to add a "shock sensor" between the pins...and i failed at finding THESE shock sensors too..

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?? I'd appreciate it.
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    LOL. thanks Danger. I actually came across this many times in my search...but "accelerometer" in my mind implied something completely different. I guess I need to expand my vocabulary.
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    OK, need more helping locating a product :(

    I need to find a fancy hydrophone online that has a price tag. and by fancy i mean expensive. I've been searching but I can't find one with a labeled price tag. I can't call and ask the company because everywhere is closed for Friday night, but I really need this information by tonight.

    thanks anyone who helps!
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    I'm afraid that I can be of no use for that. If you can't find anything with all of that Googling, I probably won't be able to either. Sorry.
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    PHEW. I finally found some. I honestly wish companies would just put the prices on the website. Thinking "that's too much!" isn't going to change after I go through the process of making a pricing request...

    if anyone is searching for some expensive needle hydrophones:

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