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Impact factor of physics journals

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    how it is calculated.
    what is the ranking of physics journals in 2003
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    Physics Impact Factors

    Impact factors are calculated based mostly on number of citations. There are, however, many other factors. Do a google search on "ISI Journal Impact Factors" or "Journal Performance Indicators" and you can pull up some formulas that the ISI uses.

    Regarding the actual impact factors, it depends on the area of physics. Areas available are:

    Atomic, Molecular & Chemical
    Condensed Matter
    Fluids & Plasmas
    Particles & Fields

    Here is some info. for 2002:

    Top five ranked impact factor "Applied Physics" journals:
    Mat Sci Eng R - 11.893
    Adv Func Mater - 4.656
    Appl Phys Lett - 4.207
    MRS Bull - 3.242
    J Appl Phys - 2.281

    And the top six ranked impact factor "Atomic..." journals:
    Prog Nucl Mag Res SP - 4.808
    Adv Atom Mol Opt Phy - 4.524
    Chem Phys Chem - 3.862
    Atom Data Nucl Data - 3.737
    J Chem Phys - 2.998
    Phys Rev A - 2.986

    Top five "Condensed Matter ..." journals:
    Adv Phys - 13.952
    Solid State Phys - 6.600
    Adv Funct Mater - 4.656
    Prog Surf Sci - 4.096
    Phys Rev B - 3.327
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    Amazing that Phys. Rev. Lett. didn't make it into any of these top-5 lists!
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    Phys Rev Lett

    I was wondering the same thing.

    In the physics community, what is considered "high impact" is, as I am sure you would corroberate, different than what ISI considers to be "high impact" with its algorithm.
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    Wow. It only took 4 years to follow up on this.

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    It's all relative :biggrin:

    Mind you - got to give credit for tenacity, to spend nearly 4 years researching an answer to the original question shows true persistence.
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    Say no to necroposting. I mean really, its just bad karma.
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