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Impact force

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    Hello physics forum, thanks for the welcome.
    I was knocked off my push bike in 1989.
    The police officer who was driving a toyota corolla that weighs 880kg. He claims to have struck me on the right side of my body at 40 km.
    Doctors say that not possible as 95% of injuries were on the left. 2 compound fractures to my left femur and the left knee has not bent since that day nor will it ever again. I have read it can take nearly two tonne of force to shatter a femur bone. I am trying to get resolution as the mental illness this has caused is getting worse and worse.
    We have a add over here in Australia that claims a1560 kg car can hit you at 40km and you will get up with only a slight bruised knee. The car does see you and proceeds to to apply the brake and slide into you.

    This has been confusing the hell out of me since 1991 when the add first appeared.I have tried the method but do not understand the result as it seems too low.

    Can you please please help me and show me how to put in the right details to do the sum to get the initial force.
    Police will not help as it was one of their own and TAC who released the add in 1991 stopped helping when they found out it was a victorian police officer who did this.to me.
    I did complain about the add stating that vic police claim 40km can cause such extensive injuries, I have not seen the add now for quiet some time now, although it is still available on youtube.

    I remember the cars in front of him, he was 4th in the line were going so fast the wind was nearly blowing me off my bike. Oh I was stationed in the gutter, 1 foot on my left pedal and the other foot planted firmly on the footpath, I was also riding into the traffic.

    Even if I can not take this to court the correct answer will hopefully help the mental health problems. I was raised to respect authority although it has been extremely hard since the driver has been allowed to hide behind his badge.
    Any help would be so appreciated.

    Thank you for your time
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    That sucks. But it's been so long now that you really need to put it behind you. It's probably too late to get compensation from the cops, but you'd have to check with a lawyer.

    I'm not sure what you mean by add. Do you mean advertisement? Advertisements are crap and you shouldn't be trying to learn facts from advertisements.
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