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Impact force

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    Hello! I have a question and I was wondering if you guys could help and please let me know if this is totally the wrong place to be writing on.

    I need to calculate the force on a collision I was in.

    I have a Scion xB 2006 that weighs between 2360 lb to 2600 lbs. The other car is a Ford Escalate xls weighing between 3560 lbs to 3600 lbs. I was in a complete stop looking over my shoulder to merge on to a street when this car rear ended me going about 30 mph.

    I wanted to calculate the force of impact that the SUV had on my little toaster car. Can you guys help me with that?

    The insurance is taking responsibility for the damages to my car, but it's saying it wasn't hard enough of a hit for me to bang my head out n a side window and strain my neck.

    I just want to proof that the hit was hard and that on my small car the impact is pretty big on the inside.

    Thanks and I truly apologize if this is not the forum to ask this.
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    Sorry, but for obvious reasons, we cannot answer on potentially legal issues here. We generally recommend to consult people, who are specialized and maybe even certified to investigate such incidents. And even without the legal aspects of it, there is by nature too less information for any qualified answer.

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