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Impact of free will

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    We know that we, as humans, with our free will, can alter/impact our earthly world, and to some extent, our solar system. How much **possibly** we can impact/alter our part of the galaxy and/or universe? Is there any role for free will in the continuity of the universe? Just wondering if there is any meaning of "will-full change" in the universe...
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    I suggest putting "free will" into the search engine here. You'll find there have been many prior discussions on the subject, especially in the philosophy sub-section.
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    Well, we are making changes to the universe in a sphere that is currently about 77 light years in radius and expanding at the speed light. We won't be making changes to the universe any farther than that, faster than that.
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    So it seems, from mechanics point of view, we can not impact universe much. But by exchanging information with other holders/exercisers of free will, it may be possible to bring about a larger change over time.

    On the other hand, if one cares to give the Creator theory a thought, is it possible inflation was one of a kind "push" given by creator/experimentor to sustain the universe...a "nudge" to stability? There is so much speculation going on what happened at t=0 and t < 0....any thing is possible!

    Any way, looks like this is not the right forum...this belongs to philosophy. Thanks for your responses.
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