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Impact problem

  1. Jul 18, 2003 #1
    Hi good people,

    I have some problem with determining impact force acting on rubber-like elastic material (conveyor belt).
    The problem is:
    The object of mass M is released from the height H on conveyor belt which is clamped at the both ends and subjected to an uniaxial tensile force T. I would like to determine the maximum impact force (not impact energy) acting to the belt conveyor during the impact test if I know the acceleration-time curve. The acceleration changes during impact in a very small time interval. Can I use the formula IMPACT FORCE = MASS(it is constant) x CHANGE IN ACCELERATION ? CHANGE IN ACCELERATION (DECCELERATION respectively) is as follows: Acceleration before impact (9.81 m/sec^2) - Acceleration if object of mass M is in the lowest position.
    And how can I calculate the maximum displacement of the object if given are Poisson's ratio and Modulus of elasticity of conveyor belt. Can anyone give answer for this problem.
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