Impact Speed (?)

  1. Ball bearings are made by letting spherical drops of molten metal fall inside a tall tower called a shot tower and solidify as they fall.
    If a bearing needs 4.50 to solidify enough for impact, how high must the tower be?
    What is the bearing's impact speed?

    I got the answer for the first part correct it was 99.2
    but I am not sure how to approach the second part.....

    What is the bearing's impact speed?
    I search all over but couldn't find an equation could someone help me with that.
    All I need is the equation.....thank you
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    Look for the kinematics equations. Given all the information you have, you actually have a choice on the equation you want to use.

    How about the intuitive: final velocity = initial velocity + (acceleration x time)
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    You know that v= -9.8 t m/s2 and t= 4.5 s!
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