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I Impact Velocity

  1. Jan 17, 2017 #1
    Recently I was unfortunately involved in a fender bender. I was traveling at most about 10 mph into an intersection I had just left a Yield sign when a bright red car collided with me. My question, how fast was it likely going? I ask this, because I was driving a van weighing likely 4000 lbs with me the driver 300 lbs and an occupant 150 lbs. The other vehicle was 3400 lbs (both car weights are guesses based on wiki) and its driver about 150 lbs also. The impact was on the passenger rear tire, and the van pivoted 180 degrees on the drivers front tire strpping away the tire to grind the rim some into the pavement. The van also hit the yield sign on the other end of the intersection plowing it under.

    So how fast was the lighter object moving to rotate the heavier object 180 degrees in that split second?
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    We get questions of this sort fairly often and I'm sorry to have to say there's no way of answering them. Too much depends on the construction of the vehicles, the nature of the crash damage, the exact angles and times and weights, and innumerable other details.

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