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News Impeach Cheney

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    Not with a republican congress.
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    That's true...after Clinton, the rule was changed from 'high crimes and misdemeanors' to 'whatever Congress wants'.
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    So you're saying you think Clinton DID commit "high crimes and misdemeanors?" Good to know.
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    LOL< putting words in my mouth??
    No, I meant that after they decided to impeach Clinton for a minor offense, they had to change the standard in order to impeach him. Anyways, you were the one who said that Congress can make up impeachment rules to suit them.

    Russ, stop posting lies about me!!
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    from... to is a pretty logical progression, RW.
    but the topic is shocking but not surprising. Seems like if you were going to hand fat government contracts to all your friends, you'd have to come up with some murky reasons that it serves the public somehow. As for impeachment, why don't we start with those members of congress who would stand in the way of impeachment -- fire them first, then their replacements can impeach the president & his posse. Impeachment is too kind a fate.
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