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Impedance and MOS transistors

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    In a class today, the lecturer said, in an introduction to the material that will be covered, something along the lines of "..and the current is kept relatively flat (low?) thanks to impedance ..."

    Is this because impedance acts like resistance (but in AC circuits), or would there be another reason?

    I was going to ask after the class, but the fire alarm went off, and we all hightailed it out of there.

    I only ask because, for some reason, impedance always seems a bit complicated to me ...more complicated than it needs to be I am sure.

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    I love it....'the fire alarm went off'
    You are on the right track.... Resistors have resistance, capacitors and inductors have 'Reactance'.....a different name is needed because volts and amps are 90 degrees out of phase for these components so volts/amps has a subtly different meaning but can still be called 'ohms'
    Impedance is the name given to the combined resistance and reactance in a circuit.
    You are in for some fun by the sound of it......you will look forward to the fire alarm going off again!!
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