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I am in year 10 and I am very interested in physics, but I came up researching on this topic of acceleration due to gravity, but when I looked this question 'accelaration due to gravity is 9.81ms-2. what is the value in imperial units (ft.s-2)' I really wanted to work it out so badly. Could anyone possibly help me how to work this out, and what is the value?

I totally appreciate for your support :).


Find out how many feet are in one meter. This will help you.
I really dont understand how to do it :(. I appreciate if you could show me the steps. Thank you so much.


Sure. So you know that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared. A quick Google search also reveals that there are about 3.28 feet in one meter. Now think logically: If an object travels one meter, it will have traveled 3.28 feet. If an object travels two meters, it will have traveled 6.56 feet (2 times 3.28). Likewise, if an object travels 9.8 meters (per some unit, in this case seconds squared; it really doesn't matter), it will travel about 32.2 feet (9.8 times 3.38) per the same unit. So the acceleration due to gravity in Imperial Units is about 32.2 feet per second squared.

I hope this was understandable and not too convoluted.
This is a typical homework problem. Post your method of solution and we will tell you if it is correct or not.
the method solution i wrote and kind of worked out is 32.373 :$. is that correct?
How many significant figures should you keep?

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