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Implicit function grapher

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    Can anybody give me links to download software that can plot implicit functions like x^2 + xy =9 etc.
    I have searched the net but all that i have found are shareware demos that expire after a period.I am sure there are freeware plotters of this kind but cant find any.
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    I often use Graph to plot 2D function (implicit ones included). It's free, and pretty easy to use, I may be inclined to say that it's also user-friendly. And I just love it.
    On the task bar, just click on the button x < y, then type in the relation x ^ 2 + x * y = 9, and press Enter. Pretty easy, huh? :)
    P.S: The implicit equation above can be rearranged to give:
    [tex]y = \frac{9 - x ^ 2}{x} = -x + \frac{9}{x}[/tex], and it's no longer an implicit function.
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    Thanks Vietdao
    I downloaded the program and its working great
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