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Implicit integration in large simulation

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    hello, I am an animation student at bournemouth university in England, I am writing a material simulator for my final major project ( some preliminary results http://www.youtube.com/user/jorjpimm ). The final idea is to have elastic, plastic and tearing and breaking material characteristics, all generated automatically, from a triangular mesh. A lot like http://www.pixeluxentertainment.com/ and their DMM, but mine uses no FEA, just mass and springs.

    But I have two problems, one i am currently still using a forward euler integrator, with stiff springs and a tiny time step, any help in a better integrator choice would be appreciated ( i hear a lot about RK4 in games, and my tutors are pushing backward euler.

    My other problems is that with a large simulation and collisions and unpredictable things like this, how does one use an implicit integration solution, for example in RK4 i need several samples of f(x) at different points inside h, how do i solve for these timesteps without using an explicit integrator, and then going back and using an implicit one ( which surely undoes any good RK4 might do )

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
    - Jorj
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