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Import pics win7

  1. Dec 27, 2012 #1
    I have a win home 64 bit system and a canon power shot 1000.

    I use to plug the camara in USB and a window would open asking what do I want to do?

    Then I would click import photos and it would open the import window on the bottom right side over the clock.

    I would then click settings tab on this box and it would let me setup how I want to import the pics and where I want to put them.

    So now I thought I would try it with my win home 64 bit laptop.

    But when I plug the camara in it beeps but I have to go into computer I one and right camara and click import.
    Then it opens import screen over clock but it dose not have the settings tab on the screen for me to pick where I want my pics to go.
    What is diferant on my laptop did I uninstall something win needs to do what the import screen does on my desktop?
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    jim mcnamara

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    We cannot know from here. Guesses: the drivers are not the same, you did not install the canon 1 shot software? You have to look on each PC and determine where differences are. We cannot do that for you from here.
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    N7 systemThank you for getting back to me.

    What is. I shot program that you say I need?

    When I plug my camara into my desktop system the import box opens.

    But on my laptop it does not and it runs win7 and my desktop does not have. I shot
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    jim mcnamara

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    Canon cameras used to come with a disc. I do not know that to be true right now. The disc had some software to facilitate downloading and picture selection.
    I just looked:
    Go here

    Follow the menus to your camera model - there is software there for you to download, give it a try.
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    Ptop it wont let me stop it to tell it where to put them.

    Now my desktop and laptop both have win7 home so what is going on???

    Please tell me if i am not asking for help in the right way?Wait let me back up.

    I never never ever installed any driver or any program with my camara on my desktop system.
    I just plug the camara in and it opens the box. What do you want to do. And I pick import pics.

    Then it starts import ting them.

    But as it imports them I can stop it and tell it where to put them.

    But on my
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