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Import Spice to Comsol

  1. Nov 11, 2008 #1
    I have a question regarding communication PSpice software with Comsol Multiphysics.
    I was searching for some examples but I did not find anything. I would like to simulate a certain element from Spice scheme with Comsol.
    Anyone have any experience with this?
    I think that Comsol should have AC/DC module for communication with Spice. My version of CM does not have that module. Is it possible to get that module only?

    please .. if anyone have any experience with thak kind of simulations ... I will apprechiate your help.
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    Can't say have experience about PSpice (other than vaguely knowing "what" it is) but have some idea about the Comsol side of things --- but what do you refer to by "element", some geometric "entity" (~model?) or does Spice have "elements" in it like in finite elements which you'd like to import? You can purchase Comsol modules separately so that's possible (the only "minor" limitation being that even single modules, at least for my wallet, are fairly expensive).
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    PerennialII .... thank you for your answer.
    I figured out the thing I was asking.

    First I had some license which does not open all modules, but I have complete version of CM on my instalation DVD. So I tryed to install once again with another license file and the software gave me te option to chose the modules which I want to install.
    I was confused because I found some instructions regarding PSpice and COMSOL working together but there was stated that COMSOL communicate to PSpice via AC/DC module. But as I said before - during first installation I did not install this module. OK. this is solved now.

    regarding PSpice ....
    In PSpice you can construct electronics scheme, run simulation over scheme and observe the signal in every point you want.
    So....the electronic scheme cosist of capacitors, transistors, diods ...... different electronic elements. Lets say that you want to include some modified capacitor(this is the main reason to work with both programs) into this scheme. You construct the scheme and import it to the Comsol. In Comsol you simply construct this capacitor(you have to name the element with the same name of course) and run the simulation - in Comsol Script(or in Matlab). the script then connect both - scheme and simulation - and give you the result.
    You can perform all this simulations only if you have AC/DC module because only this module understand Spice schemes.

    :smile: I hope my answer was not to complicated.
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    Way to go! That's a really cool coupling, can do lots of really customized things and actually solve "real" problems by extracting best out of both.
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