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Importance of College Process

  1. Mar 28, 2009 #1
    I am at Rutgers in New Jersey. My grades are good, my extracurriculars are good but I have no real field experience and probably won't have anything before I graduate. Will this severely hurt my chances in being accepted into a pHD program? Is it recommended to drop other extracurriculars and force experience into my schedule?
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    What are you studying? By experience do you mean research experience?
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    I'm studying chemistry (physics concentration) and a math minor. sorry I didn't make that clear - yes, I was referring to research experience.
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    Not severely. I can imagine by extra-curricular activities you mean things like student governments and clubs and so on and so forth? If i were a department/professor looking for grad students that are going to spend the next several years working with (for) you, I think i could give a hoot about stuff the student does that doesn't relate to their discipline.
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    exactly...started a couple programs, participated in sports and clubs, and have 2 jobs.
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