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Importance of Graduate Quantum Mechanics 2 in Materials Science?

  1. Apr 9, 2012 #1
    Hello forum. I am a future M.S. Physics student (Fall 2012) that aspires to eventually obtain a PhD in some sort of materials science. Specifically, my interests lie in soft matter, thermodynamics and self assembled materials, but I am open minded to other directions. My M.S. school has the 2nd graduate semester of Quantum Mechanics as an elective instead of as a core class, and I would like to know about how useful and difficult it would be.

    Course description:

    Graduate Quantum Mechanics II

    Scattering, rotation group and irreducible tensor operations, identical particles, semi-classical radiation theory, atoms, path integral formalism, and other selected topics.

    What are the applications of these topics in materials science/condensed matter physics?

    How challenging is this course in terms of time spent and difficulty of concepts?
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