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IMPORTANT: Bandwidth Problems UPDATE

  1. Oct 22, 2003 #1
    Well folks, we are at 98% for our allotted bandwidth. It tears me up to say we will have to shut down later today for the remainder of the month.

    I have sent an email to my hostas a last effort to see if they could do anything for us, but I don't think it's likely.
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    too bad :( but I think most people will understand when you tell them it is because of the success of the site :)
  4. Oct 22, 2003 #3
    Damn. Now I'm going to have to find something else to waste my time on...
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    No physicsforums for a week!

    Why don't you ask cosmic to host it for the rest of the month? I'm pretty sure mkaku.org hasn't seen too much traffic after everyone moved over here.

    Greg, i knew you shouldn't have started that member picture thread. Look what you have done. j/k :wink:
  6. Oct 22, 2003 #5

    Unfortunately it's not that easy.

    But it was worth it wasn't it!??
  7. Oct 22, 2003 #6
    I am disabling avatars now as an effort to slow the bandwidth use.
    I figure we have a good 10-15 hours left.
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    I know that this may only help a little (but every little helps right), but I found some source that repeats on every page:

    If you were to combine the two scripts in a single script tag, you could then move them into a separate .js file and just reference that on all the pages. You could do ths same for the CSS but with a .css file.
    In the quotes is around 1500 charatcers, which are used on every page and therefore have to be downloaded every time someone loads a page, putting them into separate files could perhaps reduce your transfer rate by matbe 1Mb/day, probably more (assuming that it is downloaded 700 times per day). I don't know what the current bandwidth limit is, but reducing your output by 30 Mb/month must at least buy the site a little leg room.
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    jimmy p

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    Cant u just delete the archives or something? free some space there...or am i talkin outta my ass?
  10. Oct 22, 2003 #9
    Disk space is different than bandwidth :smile:
  11. Oct 22, 2003 #10
    I thought you had disbaled avatars, I can still see them.

    By the way, have you given any thought to the movement of the JavaScript and CSS to separate files in order to save bandwidth. Once they are in separate files, they will only need to be downloaded once.
  12. Oct 22, 2003 #11
    The .js and .css files are a good idea but I think you need them there because the CSS changes on a few of the pages (I think...) if not then yeah, it would be a good idea.

    What else you could do is take out the pictures that aren't needed.

    Just have a PF logo up the top strip, and take out the gradients for the tables and stuff.

    hehe, being a minimalistic Web Designer (i.e. always wanting my sites to load as quickly as possible) this is quite in my teritory :P :D
  13. Oct 22, 2003 #12
    Also turning off the redirect page would help too :D

    ...realised it when I posted the above post :D
  14. Oct 23, 2003 #13
    Well I took a random sampling of two pages, so it's quite possible that the CSS could change. That's why I include all of the layout in one CSS file when I'm coding, this includes any code that is an exception for certain pages.

    It may also be better to switch over to a completely CSS designed page using div tags to contain everything, tables need a lot of coding when compared to the CSS equivalent.
    However that would take me while to design and I have another two projects on right now. Once the layout was constructed, it would be easy to implement because PHP is used on the site, so code is just copied and pasted straight into a template page and then sent on to the client. Change the template page and you change all of the pages.
  15. Oct 23, 2003 #14
    sciforums has no bandwidth cap

    come on over kids
  16. Oct 23, 2003 #15
    Changing this site over to a total CSS layout would be a rather huge task, although, its managable, by the time its finished, this problem would be "over"
  17. Oct 24, 2003 #16
    I don't really see why it would be a huge task. From what I can tell there are only a few pages, with different content put into them server-side.
  18. Oct 26, 2003 #17
    Well I found it hard enough trying to skin my board (too hard so gave up - temporarily) :S
  19. Oct 27, 2003 #18
    By board do you mean a forum? If so I had a quick look on your site and I couldn't see one.

    If you do get stuck you can always get help from:

    I'm a member in both of those forums, although I haven't been there for a while (I've been here).
  20. Oct 27, 2003 #19
  21. Oct 27, 2003 #20
    I was just pointing out a couple of places to get Webdeveloper help on the net. I don't own either of them and I'm not getting any money or recognition for displaying their URL's, therefore I don't consider it advertising.
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