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IMPORTANT: Bandwidth Problems

  1. Oct 21, 2003 #1
    We are very very close to our bandwith quota for the month. This is due to large unexpected increases of traffic over this last month. Accepting the massive overcharges is not a solution. So, unfortunately for the rest of this month I will have to set guest access off and set a limit to the number of members allow to be on the forums at any one time. I really really hate to do this, but it is neccessary. To prevent this bandwidth crunch in the future I will be optimizing the site, using compression methods and contacting my host to help reduce the overall bandwidth used. Thank you for your understanding and future patience. Again, this member limit will only be on for the rest of october so we can get though the month.
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    Isn't it true that guest access is by far the largest bandwidth use? Make sure you put up a nice notice telling the guests why you're doing it, so they don't just think they are unwelcome and leave. :)

    - Warren
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    Would it help any if we switched graphics loading off whilst viewing the site, or used the text version?
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    I was getting a server busy message this afternoon, when tring to get on. I was hoping it was due to something like this and not a crash!
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