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Important career or career you enjoy?

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    Ok, most of you will say enjoy automaticly, but the thing is I am not sure what I will enjoy in the long run. Computer game designer or Physicist. That is what I am have been thinking about for sometime now.

    I really think being a computer game designer would be enjoyable. I am a long time gamer, and I think making games would be just as fun. However, making computer games, when looked at from a cosmic perspective, is not important at all. If I do this I will not be remembered (even if I make popular games, the people who would remember me would be very small, and the time period that people would know my name would be very short). I just don't see myself doing something that doesn't really help the human species in the long term. The thing I don't like about the idea of being a game designer would be getting stuck in that field and not being able to make the switch to Physics if I wanted to, and the fact that I would have a voice in my head all the time saying "You're going to die an unknown nobody who contributed nothing to humanity"

    As for being a physicist, this would be awesome. I don't know how enjoyable, but defenitely awesome. To know how the world around me works (and according to some people in this forum, getting a Ph.D in physics by self-education isn't feasible) would give me a, well, I am sure you guys know what I am talking about. A "cosmic" religious feeling would be the phrase. Ofcourse, my opinions would have more weight with the Ph.D in front of it. Also, the ability to have the kind of books I would like to publish taken seriously would be much better than with being a game designer. The worst thing about becomming a physicist would be the time, money, and effort involed in getting a ph.d, and the fact that i want a good job now.

    ok, thats it. Anyone have any suggestions? I know I have said something like this b4. But I have given u guys a lil more info here.
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    I was originally going to look into computer game design, but then I narrowed it down to something computer oriented (Meaning specifically computer related and not simply using a computer.) Now, I'm not really sure I want that either. I'm just lost in the amazing careers available now.

    Have you looked into computer game design? Are you good at creating storylines? I'm assuming the computer person is simply the guy punching in the codes that other people tell him to use rather than the person behind the creation of the computer games themselves.

    Personally, I'd like to be as well known in history as you. However, why does it matter so much? Personally if you want to be known and recognized, isn't it popularity that you seek. Seeking popularity usually is at the top of people's list for desires, and the bottom of the list for things they think as honorable goals.

    Personally I think you'll come up with the best decision yourself. I'd go with whatever makes you happy. Will working at an enjoyable job make you happy every day or will working at a job less enjoyable with a chance at fame provide you more happiness?

    Wanting to be famous and go down in history is a goal of many individuals. I used to seek that, and I still want it in some instances. However, everyone can't have that for themselves. Its often the wisest who lurk in the shadows looking to assist the person who is truly more suited for such success.

    Here's a thought to ponder:

    Computer degrees such as Computer Science are often widely applied to other careers. How many jobs with require high levels of knowledge don't use a computer? Taking a small degree in Computers might be a start. You could get an Introduction to Game Design and see if you enjoy it.

    Some places offer joint degrees like Computer Science and Mathematics/Physics, ect. That might be another path to investigate.

    Make sure you look at your options and decide for yourself though. Don't take my advice word for word, find out it doesn't work, and then come hunt me down. I wouldn't want that. ;) Good luck with your decision! I wrote this quickly so if someone finds flaws in some of my above ethnical advice, I didn't think of it in much length.
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