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Important Mythologies

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    I am making a site that deals with the important mythologies. I want to include as many as possible. So far I have these:

    American Indian

    What am I missing?
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    Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.

    [edit] Just want to make it clear that I'm being serious. It is my opinion that if you think that Greek mythology is silly, then the stuff they teach in the bible, etc are equally rediculous.
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    Central and South American peoples.
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    Pacific Islandic
    Babylonian/Assyrian/Ancient Middle-Eastern

    Get a globe, close your eyes, and point.
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    Australian Aborigine mythology
    Mythology of the Maori people of New Zealand.

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    actually I believe greek mythology is scientific fact, please exuse me as I go pray in my zeus shrine out back.
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    Finno-Ugric, Gotta love that Kalavalla

    and, the purely fictional ones

    Middle Earth

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    Eskimo and Canadian Indian (although you may have meant to cover these with American Indian).

    Pre-Hindu India

    Zoroastrian and other Persian and Middle Eastern Mythologies
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    jimmy p

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    What about Germanic Mythology? Druidic? Ooh ooh, there is a question in this weeks Telegraph Crossword which is this

    'The German god of thunder, counterpart of the Norse god Thor (5)'

    and i have no idea at all, so any input is cool

    What about Eastern European Mythology, the Russians have some story about a random dude called Dazhdbog (charming name), the son of the Almighty Perun and a mermaid named Ros...well thats all i can be bothered to read of the google header thing!
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    jimmy p

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    actually dont worry bout the Telegraph crossword question, GOOGLE held the answer to that as well...for all those who are interested the German equivalent of Thor was called Donar
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    Not forgeting the Druids, and other Pagans.

    And of course environmentalism.... the new anti-scientific mystical Mythology!
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    jimmy p

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    i said druids!
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    The druids were an elite Celtic warrior caste whose exact function or 'extantness' outside of the Goidelic Celts is not well known.
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    hinduism christianity judaism budhism etc are all actual religions and no shouldnt be included in that forum. the list you had greg seems fine to me...

    i dont think those would go in mythology really... wouldnt they be in ivans forum?
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    So your telling me that American Indian polytheism isn't a religion. Because they aren't the mainstream they are put into the category of mythology.

    Rain god help my harvest grow. boom boom!!
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    from dictionary.com:

    Uhm, by the above defintion, how could any of the four you claim are not mythologies be excluded.

    Aside from turning this into an arguement, could you please show us something that makes stories from the bible or koran more then a myth?
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    And I would add to the comments of Megashawn and dduardo that it is no myth either that I'll be found this year involved in the annual Deer Dance, which is an all day affair held on the 21st of Dec. I don't think things are as dead as many believe, not that I'm religious mind you, but many of the participants are.

    Two religions voting a third to be only a myth.
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    Sounds like a lot of people at church.
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