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Important Reminder

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    Good morning America, this is V speaking.

    If you haven't already figured it out you need to fast foward your clocks by an hour.

    That is all.

    .....End of Transmission.....
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    Or you can forget and get away with being an hour late.
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    Or I'll ban DST when I assume full autocratic power over the world. I'm halfway there already.
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    No way! Daylight Savings Time is good. In fact, I think we should have Double Dog Daylight Savings Time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

    What good is it to have sunrise at 4:30 AM? It's better to have sunrise at 6:30 AM with sunset at 9:30 PM.
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    It's simply a matter of perspective, which would explain the difference of ideas. You live in a place where without DST the sun would rise ridiculously early, or so it sounds, but the fact is the sun is rising all the time, every time. It simply depends on where you are on earth. Since I cannot be described as being "somewhere", I tend to be a little less restricted by this physical inhibition. DST is a hassle, generaly useless, and very irritating. Set the clocks to one time and leave it that way.
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    If the sun rose at 4:30 AM, I might actually be awake by 6:30 AM, that's the difference! :biggrin: When I lived a little further west in the time zone, and the sun didn't go down until 10:30 PM, what good is that either? Then I couldn't fall asleep to get up at any hour of the morning. :grumpy:

    And next year they're planning to start DST in March! An extra month of waking up in the dark. What a dumb idea.

    [/rant] (Can you tell who is NOT a morning person?)
  8. Apr 3, 2006 #7
    Moonbear, you are preaching to the choir. To me, the day starts at 11, and ends at 4 am. :biggrin:
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