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Impossible dog house

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    Thats a rotten trick to play on me worlram.
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    Hey everybody, where is everybody else? it seems ever so quite
    here abouts, is it holiday time in the USofA? or has everybody gone
    to a party without ME?
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    It's actually very easy to construct one of those, but your camera has to be absolutely in the perfect position for it to work. Also, it won't work in 3D.
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    lol Even the puppies look confused.
    And no Wolly, not a holiday per-say, but spring has hit! Today we broke record highs, with 78 degrees. So I found myself outside playing today.
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    its not a holiday, quite the opposite. its a monday.:rofl:
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    I saw the sun on sunday, i thought it had gone forever, i mean even
    my car is growing moss.
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