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Impossible question?

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    Hi, the students that are the year below my year level sat their external physics exam recently. Only problem was, there seems to be an impossible question in the paper:


    This is a scan from the paper. It seems like theres no way you can do part (c) of the question. This is from CIE examinations so I find it very hard to believe they could have made such a massive mistake.
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    Well, you can always say something like:

    Current in lamp Y = 12V/ R_Y or so, no ?

    It doesn't mean that you cannot do the last exercise.
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    That was what I was thinking too, but it says calculate so I'm inclined to think its a numerical answer instead of interms of R_Y. And at this level you wouldn't be expected to say something like "Let R_Y be the resistance of lamp Y, then I = 12/R_Y".
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    I agree. I didn't realise you meant this was a real exam today - I was about to look up the markscheme online. it will be interesting to see what it (and the examiners report) contains, when it eventually appears.
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