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Impress someone

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    Do we have to always impress others?

    If we try to impress other people all the time; then obviously we are trying to reach their expectation and keep changing ourselves ?
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    Or maybe we only impress certain people...who we feel we can gain something from.
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    Francis Fukuyama, yea that's his name, wrote a book entitled, "The End of History and The Last Man". I say it's all a matter of survival. He said it's all a matter of "recognition". We all strive to be recognized. See, see, that's what I'm doing now right? From my Darwinian perspective, I see it in the same light as the young gazelles jumping about showing the lions their strength as if to say, "don't bother running after me, I'm too fast". So perhaps in this regards, humans use a different coin.
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    why do ppl have to try and impress other ppl by starting forums about impressing ppl?... :P j/k. you might be able to say that it has something to do with evolution but i would say that it is mainly a way for ppl w/low self esteem to feel better. it might not be their expectations, it might be our expectations of their expectations...
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