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Improper Integrals

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    I have tried to work this problem, but I keep getting the wrong answer. Please help...

    Evaluate the integral from 2 to infinity of 2/(v^2-v). I cannot use a calculator and the answers that I get are nonsensical. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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    could you show your work?

    i seems like you need to first setup the integral into the limit, and then the do the integral. It seems like a partial fractions. and then do the limits (easiest one first maybe it diverges? xD).
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    Looks pretty straight forward. Do you know how to do partial fractions?


    [tex]\frac{1}{v(v-1)} = \frac{A}{v}+\frac{B}{v-1}[/tex]

    Solve for A and B. Rewrite the integral and you should get log or something. I think.
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    Thank you very, very much!
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    Does anyone know who invented the integral calculus?
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    It was Leibniz, Newton was a fraud!
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    Very useful comments there Kepler.
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