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Homework Help: Improper integrate

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    Hi again,

    I have a problem regarding improper integration.

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data


    Refer to the image. I tried to solve and got zero for the answer. Is that correct? I refer to my actual problem it seem like it dont wont this way...

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    suppose that g(t)=1, what is the value of the integral?
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    If 1 is integrated, we get t and then sub in the boundary value the answer still 0?

    here the actual g(t) suppose to be g(t) = cos(2[tex]\pi[/tex]f0t) - jsin(2[tex]\pi[/tex]f0t).
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    Are you saying that you are not capable of integrating
    [tex]\int_{-T/2}^{T/2} dt[/tex]
    or you just haven't bothered to?

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