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Suggestion Improve database search?

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    May I suggest an improvement to the forum: provide more advance techniques to search. For example, suppose I wanted to find out everything regarding convergence of the following integral:


    Over 2 million entries seems like such a wonderful database of math. However obtaining the information seems to be difficult.

    Is is possible to write a db search engine and input: "convergence of \int_0^{1/2}\frac{x^{a-1}}{\ln(x)}dx" and have it search not only my string but the integral in general even with different letters and use of log or Log or other limits of integration?
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    Sounds fantastic, when do you get started? :tongue2:
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    Hello Mr. Bernhardt. I'm optimistic it can be done without knowing the format of the database but even if it's straight ASCII searches I would think something could be done. You have a unique compilation of math here probably equivalent to Mathworld and in some ways better. I suspect this will happen sometime in the future.

    Thanks for making PF available to us. :)
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