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Suggestion Improvement of latex images

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    Is there possible to improve the quality of the images generated by latex code? It should be good if anti aliasing could be turned on, which would produce smooth and fine images. Now, the text looks a little bit awkward in my opinion, since it it all edged, and the small text is hard to read.
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    We're are working on it. Chroot is very busy at the moment.
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    Ok, nice!
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    I came here to post the same thing. I don't know what anti aliasing is, but I know it's not looking great right now:

    [tex]\begin{pmatrix}1 & 0 & 0\\ 0 & \frac{u_x}{u} & \frac{u_y}{u}\\ 0 & -\frac{u_y}{u} & \frac{u_x}{u} \end{pmatrix}

    It's like the pixel size is much bigger than in the regular text. And I think the text is a bit too small.

    Does this look like an arrow and a "prime"? [itex]\vec p'[/itex] Why does this T get cut off? [itex]\begin{pmatrix}a & b\end{pmatrix}^T[/itex].
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    As has been mentioned previously, Chroot is looking into the matter. The forum recently had a software upgrade and server move so the admins are still sorting the flak from those two things out.
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    Actually, a lot of work and experimenting with PF's LaTex was done earlier in the year by chroot. There was an extensive discussion of it, if I can find the thread I'll post a link to it.

    EDIT found the thread:

    Note, my understanding is that any changes only affect newly generated LaTex images. Old posts will always look the same, because the LaTex images have already been generated using the old formatting process.
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    Sure, the latex images look much better now since the text size has increased, but they still look a little bit blocky, even though I can see that anti-aliasing has been used. And the T and the end of the arrow still get cut off. I can't see the ' over the p either, but maybe it happens to be hidden by the arrow.

    What I can see when I open the matrix image with a photo viewer is that the parenthesis seem to (for some reason?) have only 4 gray scale colors (hence looking a little blocky), while the rest of the formula renders much better since it uses many more gray scale colors. I find it strange that the parenthesis should be rendered with lower quality than the rest of the formula, but I guess it's okay. The parenthesis in the other image though, have more gray scale colors.
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