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Medical Improvements in Mammography

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    Something to watch for in the future.

    New near-infrared contrast agent reveals bone- and breast-cancer-related microcalcifications

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    jim mcnamara

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    More sensitivity = good.

    This does not sound like a simple first line option for detecting breast cancer.
    It's require a good-sized clinic to implement this in case of backup needed for problems secondary to the injections, for example. Maybe I'm wrong

    What we need is something with the sensitivity this procedure purports to give, rolled into a procedure something dones easily a small clinic in Teec Nos Pos Arizona. IMO.

    Sometimes we "technicalize" our solutions to the point where their deployment is limited to urban people who already have great options, while the folks who need more help cannot get it.

    Then again, maybe I've got it all wrong....
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    I agree that it sounds unlikely to be used as a first line of screening...too invasive for routine screening if you need to inject a contrast agent. But, it may be useful as a non-surgical means of verifying a suspicious result on a mammogram, or for screening high risk patients (such as those who have already had cancers removed) who would want to catch some recurrence very early.
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