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Improving PC Performance by removing Services but without deleting restore points

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    Hi, I am in the process of deleting some services ( or at least stopping them from being loaded upon starting up), but I don't want to delete my restore points. Which services will have the effect that their removal will delete restore points?

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    Seeing your name and answering the question with a quote parody:

    "On a clear disk you can seek forever" so I imagine would degaussing the drive rather than stopping services.

    In your case, I think the restore points if used would reactivate the services you had stopped but you'd have to test it to be sure.
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    Is your computer slow in general or just takes a long time to boot up? Changing which programs are loaded on startup should in no way affect the periodic saving of restore points which is normally set in control panel, system and security settings. On my computer (Windows 8.1) you can choose which programs I want to load at startup with Windows Defender. Also depending on what browser you are using you can go to 'Tools", Manage Add On's and disable add on's which you are not using which will cut down boot up time. I'm not a computer genius by any means, only what I've learned over the years thru the school of hard knocks.
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    I'm pretty sure that removing/disabling any service does not result in restore points being deleted.
    There is no situation I can think of where the OS might deem that to be necessary.

    Disk defragmentation can help if you haven't done that for ages, or never, but it's not a miracle.
    You might get up 15% increase in disk throughput if the file structure had been in a very poor state, but repeatedly defragmenting won't lead to much further improvement.

    The worst case for performance degradation is where during normal work you are using 100% of RAM.
    Many PCs are sold with only 1 of 2 RAM slots occupied, and that can be insufficient for some software.
    If that is what is happening, then plugging (identical) RAM into the unused slot - now that can do a miracle.
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    Thanks all, I was told something about the fact that using Load System Services may delete restore points. I just wanted to check.
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    What can happen is that the OS will delete the oldest restore point so it has room for a new one.
    If you make very frequent restore points, you could end up without any restore point where all is good and well.
    That has nothing to do with what system services are running though.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Generally services only increase startup/reboot time. Well written services are pretty unobtrusive in terms of system resources, memory notwithstanding. Ex: Most anti-malware programs allocate a sizeable amount of memory - but the tradeoff is they scan a lot faster.

    Disk I/O is almost always a big contributor to the performance of consumer desktops and laptops. Putting the C drive on an SSD, for example. Moving the C drive from a conventional disk, (along with the pagefile) will show enormous performance benefits. SSD devices are usually more than n orders of magnitude faster than disk. They also cost about 4X more per GB than does a conventional disk.

    And as a general statement: most PC's sooner or later get infected with malware. That may really degrade performance. Running some free malware removal tool every day can help a lot.
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