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Improving problem solving skills

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    I've often been plagued by the thought of being unintelligent and slow compared to others. I seem to take much longer to understand concepts and work out problems. With that said, I do really well at school (but also put in much more time than others). I'm also quite obsessive when it comes to understanding something, which often causes me trouble.

    I think solving problems for me takes much longer than compared to others. Also I seem to get stuck on simple things or overlook something simple and it will only 'click' a few hours or maybe even days later.

    People say keep practicing - but I do keep learning and working on things but I think I'm still really slow.

    Are there any good resources in terms of rewiring my thought process? strategy? thinking? etc
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    Read and memorize. Specifically the type of problems you work with (i.e. mathematics, logical, physical etc.)
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    In addition to practice, as surprise suggests, I advise developing a consistent, methodical approach to solving problems. George Pólya's How to Solve It is a great book in that regard. It's inexpensive and would be well worth your time.
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    That is a great book.
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