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Improving the habit of learning

  1. Dec 23, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone.

    Like most of you, I love learning. However, this is not enough to motivate me to actually learn things that are relevant. The thing is, I have finished my studies a few months ago and I expected to continue learning about study related topics in my free time, but I have not done that as much as I wanted to. I guess that structure that the university offered was quite useful. Now that I realize that I want to look for ways to increase the quality and the quantity of my self-study time. One step was signing up here, as learning with together is better than learning alone. I am thinking of setting aside a fixed moment in the day to spend learning, starting with only 20-30 minutes. I have some more ideas of things I can try I will continue to experiment until I find out what works for me.

    Do you have advice on how I can improve my self-study? What works for you?

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    Find a nice clean area with no distractions and just sit down and do as many problems in whatever topic you are trying to learn. If you find that you don't know the basic ideas to solve the problem, than you haven't read the text thoroughly enough. Self-studying is all about doing as many problems as you possibly can. You stop when you can look at a problem and know how to solve it immediately, (but don't bother doing the algebra) and then move on to the next topic.
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    I get in the mood by going to my local book store, which has a coffee shop. I first chill, get a few magazines to read, to get relaxed, in the mood. Then I start reading material. I just want to avoid anxiety and pressure with learning.
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    Finding a goal helps. You want to know what you want to achieve in your learning. Study the chosen book and sections as if you would if you were attending a class, and study and do practice problems everyday.
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    Thanks everyone for your advice! Before I reply, let me say that I will try all your advice and I'll report back - I mean you took the time to reply, the least I could do is to try your suggestions once! ;)

    thatwentwell - Good, your post got me thinking. I often study in noisy environments, but tomorrow I will go to the study room (I am visiting my parents) and get working.

    WWGD - wow that is some very good advice! I can put a lot of pressure on myself and usually that doesn't turn out very well. So tomorrow I will start working by making some good tea or coffee and reading some interesting articles/watching some vids related to the subject I am studying. I will do that for 30 minutes max, when I am relaxed I will start working.

    symbolipoint - excellent point. I will write my goals down tomorrow morning!
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