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Improving Vision

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    Is it possible for one's vision to improve?

    I've read that myopia can be caused by excessive near work (e.g. reading). Would it be possible for a myope to improve his vision by straining his eyes looking at things in the distance for prolonged periods?
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    I highly doubt it although some vision problems can fix themselves naturally over time especially if you are younger. At least, thats what my eye doc says :D
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    If your vision problems are caused by eye strain (fatigue of the muscles that help your eye focus), and not a problem with the shape of your lens, or the receptors in the retina, then it would be possible to improve your vision using eye exercises to strengthen those muscles (or sometimes just by resting your eyes more so the fatigue goes away). I've also heard the same from eye doctors as Pengwuino has, that some vision problems in children can correct themselves as they grow. In adults, I'm not so sure there's any direction other than worsening of vision as we age.
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