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Improving your eyes?

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    do any of yo know any ways to improve your vision other than laser eye surgery and corrective contacts?

    i've heard of eye exercises like this :uhh: but my optometrist said that was mainly a relaxation thing, it wont repair your eyes
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    I know exercises that can help you improve your field of vision and stuff like that. but I don't think you can greatly improve actual sharpness of vision through exercises, seeing as (expun the cuse) that is more of a physical deformation of the actual eye.. especially not to the point of no longer needing glasses.

    just like you can train a person to hear better in the sense of understanding sound more keenly and notice things they couldn't before, but you can't train someone to hear, say, a 30 khz sine (unless they are some sort of human/bat hybrid... THEY LIVE AMONG US PEOPLE! DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU WHEN THE BAT PEOPLE FINALLY TAKE OVER! :surprised )
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    True, it will not repair your eyes. It cannot correct astigmatism or myopia, etc...
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    Glasses. :biggrin:

    Yes, eye exercises help if your vision problems are due to eye strain or fatigue. They can also help correct a lazy eye by strengthening the weak muscles. But they won't correct other vision problems.
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    How about contacts?
    Anyone have any problems with using them?

    Ive been thinking about loosing my glasses and switching to contacts, but I am quite unsure about putting things in my eye :S

    Any comments? Advise on type of contacts? Past experiences?
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    Chi Meson

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    Always read under bright diffuse light. Don't stick long sharp needles into your eyes. Eat carrots.
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    I use contacts and would never ever ever ever go back to glasses. but you have to get some of the new high quality contacts like acuvue oasis... or else they can become itchy or dry (if your a person who needs it on all day), even acuvue 2 would itch, but the new ones I got I never even feel.

    glasses used to give me headaches, plus you can always see the frame which is annoying, and they get dirty... all of this is gone with contacts. and after the first week or two, sticking it in your eye stops feeling weird.

    only problem with lenses is that some of them can get itchy after long periods of daily use. and if you forget you have them on and go to sleep with them on, you wake up and your eyes look and feel like you got pinkeye or something.
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    no brussel sprouts?
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    Chi Meson

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    Brussel sprouts! Who invented THOSE? They should be smaller. Don't stick them in your eyes either. Only carrots.
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    to stick in his eyes, right? (-:
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    It is scientifically documented that improvment of vision (in a senese of sharpness) is possible through autogenic training and visualisation exercises, but only just a little bit.
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    i think your success may depend on why you have glasses. like shoving carrots in your eyes
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