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Impulse and stuff problem

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    10) A 5 kg ball sits motionless at the edge of a 2m long 1.2m tall table. A cube of mass 0.5kg plows into it head-on at a speed of 26m/s

    There is a graph below in the attachments about the collision.

    a) Determine the total impulse given to the ball. b) Determine the velocity of the ball immediately after collision. c) Determine the speed and direction of the cube immediately after collision. d) Determine the KE lost during collision. e) Determine where each of the two objects lands on the floor after collision.

    a) Ft=mv Ft=.5(26) Ft=13 right????

    UPDATE: After conferring with classmates I've figured it out...no need for help =) thanks!

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    I have the same question. Can someone explain how to go about solving this?
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    a) impulse = force*time. The area of the graph under the function = 20 Newtons*sec.
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