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Impulse from croquet mallete problem

  1. Jun 23, 2005 #1
    A croquet mallete delievers an impulse of 8.83 N*s to a .44 kg croquet ball initally at rest. what is the speed of the ball immediately after being struck?

    ok so I = Ft = change in momentum

    and they give us just a mass...

    so that would help with p = mv to find velocity...

    but this problem seems there are two unknowns i would either need to know the force or the time...but they don't give us either...

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    all you need is the velocity, and you have I.
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    ok...how does having impulse help me with finding velocity
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    The impulse is the change in momentum, and the initial momentum is zero. Momentum is mass times velocity. You know the mass.
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    ok so essentially then then impulse = momentum since the initial momentum = 0

    so 8.83 N*s = (.44 kg) * V

    then solve for V...??
    if so wow that was kinda easy
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    Looks good. Some of them are easy :smile:
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