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Homework Help: Impulse functions

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    Consider the initial value problem:

    y''+(gamma)y'+y=k(delta)(t-1), y(0)=0, y'(0)=0

    where k is the magnitude of an impulse at t = 1 adn (gamma) is the damping coefficietnt(for resistence).
    Let (gamma)=1/2. find the value of k for which the response has a peak value of 2; call this value k1..

    evnthough im taking this diff equ course, i have difficult understanding the physical meaning of this equation... what does peak value mean... and how do i find k w/ this peak value?

    thanks alot
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    The response of a system is the solution to the initial value problem. What you want to do is solve the initial value problem via Laplace transforms...your y(t) will be a function of both time and k, set y(1) = 2 and solve for k
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