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Impulse homework problem

  1. Jun 14, 2009 #1
    If body A exerts an impulse of say +2Ns on B, then does body A exert an impulse of -2Ns on B providing no external forces act?

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    Re: Impulse

    Consider the definition of impulse, newton's third law and preservation of momentum.

    J12 = F12*dt
    J21 = F21*dt
    dt is the same for both impulses, since the bodies remain in contact for a set time, which is equal for both of them.

    F12 = -F21 (Newton's third law)
    J12 = -J21
    Jtot = J12+J21 = 0
    Which makes perfect sense when you consider:
    J = dP
    The momentum of a system remains constant if no external forces act on that system.
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