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Homework Help: Impulse/Momentum physics question

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    Hey just wondering if someone could help me out, im stumped :grumpy:

    A slingshot exerts an average horizontal force of 80 newtons for 0.11 seconds on a stone weighing 3.2 newtons. Find
    a) the average acceleration of the stone
    b) The impulse delivered to the stone
    c) The speed of the stone
    d) The resulting momentum of the stone
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    Do you know what the formulas (equations) are, for any of those quantities ? Surely they are in your text.

    Give it your best shot, and we'll tell you what's wrong.

    Also, please read the "sticky" at the top of this forum.
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    i know the equation to find mometum - p=m*v and also the impulse is equal to the momentum, the units for momentum are kgm/s and Impulse is N.S, but i dont know about average acceleration
    i think for c) the formula is V=I/mass of stone
    but i really have no clue where to start!!
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    Impulse also equals average force multiplied by duration (in seconds) the force was applied. Momentum = Mass * Velocity.
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    And impulse is not equal to momentum, it's the change in momentum.
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    Since you are given Force and asked about Acceleration, do you know
    "F= mA"?
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    I am also learning about this too.
    Is this how you solve it?















    I have no idea how to do C and D.
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