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IMU-Gyro Bandwidth and Sensor Fusion on Performance

  1. Apr 30, 2015 #1
    For my Master's Project, we are to choose an IMU module to stabilize a platform. You can think of a servo actuated turret, mounted on a Stewart Platform(which will generate the disturbances).
    The angular position error should be very low and there are both high and low frequency disturbances(tough high frequency disturbances are low amplitude).
    My questions are;

    1)As IMU modules have accelerometers, magnetometers and gyros, they use sensor fusion(kalman filtering) to compensate the bias instabilities and angular random walks, but the IMU spec sheets only give these instability data of gyro and accelerometer, but I need the accuracy 'after' the sensor fusion(thus, after the error compensation) process, but there is no such data. How can I estimate this?

    2)While data sample rate of a sensor is 5-10 kHz, its bandwidth is 440 or 1000 Hz but some sensors allow the choosing of data output rate(for example, selecting between 250 Hz and 500 Hz) Does increasing the data output rate generates more error?

    Thank you for your precious time and attention
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