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In a bind and need serious help

  1. Jan 25, 2013 #1
    Hello, so as the title suggests, I am in somewhat of an academic bind and am needing some honest opinions from the peoples of pf. So I have a daughter as of 1/17/2013 and must work to support my family. As of right now I have about 90 credit hours from my local university, however, the classes are quite disorderly. I was a chemistry major and after about 3 semesters I switches to comp sci. After 2 semesters I switched to math. After a few more semesters I have dropped out due to financial reasons. Moreover, I have finally discovered my true passion and that is physics, I kind of knew the whole time but my university does not offer a physics degree so I was getting my feet wet in fields I found interesting and somewhat related to physics. Now to the point...with my current job I am out of town a lot and going back to school traditionally is a bit out of the question for now. So I was curious, is getting a physics degree online from an accredited university going to stunt the possibility of going to graduate school one day. Will they frown upon an online degree? Also, are there any good online physics programs that would be acceptable for grad school? Thanks for any and all input!
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    I have never heard of a physics program offering an online degree, or any science program for that matter. All the standard issues with online classes aside, how is one supposed to do lab classes online?

    If online physics physics degrees exist I would be very skeptical of them.
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    Chemistry -> Comp Sci -> Math -> dropout -> Physics? Online?

    A physics degree online wouldn't seem to hold against someone who attended a 4 year program.

    What area of physics does one find of interest?
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    If you have too much on your plate to finish your BS at the university I wonder why you have grad school aspirations? Is something going to happen in the next few years that will free up your time?
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