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In a hard place: need advice

  1. Jul 25, 2009 #1
    I am currently a student taking a break from school. Last year I had a major life altering experience and after which i decided to take a break from my studies till my mind was settled. When I started my undergraduate track I went to a tech school in NY and had decided on studying software engineering doubled with finance. A few honors courses in political science and at the end of the year decided to transfer and go for my BA instead. I ended up going to a school in dc studying international relations which now i term (international ********), sort of a midlife crises I guess. Well after working and doing a few internships I hate it, I actually hated most of my courses but forced myself through them as I fooled myself that by studying this material I will be able to make a change. Anyhow my work experience in HS is that I had my own business developing networks and accounting systems for other businesses. I have realized that this stuff which I was gifted in doing, is what makes me happy because it was heavily influenced by math.
    I believe my problem is in the fact that I want to go to graduate school and study Mathematics. Mathematics makes my day brighter, when math courses were part of my curriculum i tended to do better in all my other courses. I want to know if it would be possible and/or better for me to finish my current degree track as I only have 6-8 courses and still get into graduate school for math.
    I want to know that if i go this route can I just take math courses at a university after graduating, do well in them and then apply to a graduate math program without having the need to actually acquire another undergrad degree in math. The second option which is rather drastic would be to drop from my current university, as I am on a leave of absence, or stay and just switch majors. If I do switch majors I will need to take two more years to graduate as I will need to fulfill different requirements. All in all I do want to save time.
    I understand that I am asking a question about pursuing math on a physics forum, however, the advice you guys provide to aspiring physicists seems to be very good and it seems there are many mathematicians on this forum.
    If you can please help shed some light on my situation I would much appreciate it.
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    Hey, I sent you a message about this. Message me back ;)
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