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In a nuthouse

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    I’ve found this video which shows an altercation occurring in a mental hospital, or nuthouse if you prefer. Here’s how it begins, a patient is headbutting the wall incessantly when a health care-worker tell him ‘Quit with the headbutting.’ The video tells you what happens next…. Be warned, it’s retarded!

    Video here - http://rapidshare.de/files/2831984/two_retard.wmv.html
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    another nut vid

    Hello! I’ve aspirations to become a horror film director and as such I’ve made this video film of a horror writer whose fiction becomes reality, when this zombie kills him. Would you view the video and give me some feedback. Thanks.

    video here - http://rapidshare.de/files/2848065/horror_writing.wmv.html
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    I just find it funny how you've gained enough notoriety around here for people to resist the temptation to post things like "gahh, not another crap video", yet you've still got a post count of zero. :smile:

    Not that I'm encouraging you to post in another section or anything, you understand...
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    i'm happy here. i'm grateful to the moderators that they let me the freedom to post, even though there is limited interest.

    though i am convinced i've silent fans..... :tongue2:
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    Heh, yes, you're probably right.

    Moonbear's too proud to admit that she's got your entire back-catalogue...
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